Auxitrol Weston leads the Temperature Sensors market, which we have dominated for more than forty years, throughout constantly evolving Thermocouple technologies. Reliability is an often over-used and an unsubstantiated word to drive up product preconceptions. However, at Auxitrol Weston, it’s our endorsement. Our final word, in a process of Accelerated Life Testing which subjects all our sensors to unprecedented extremes, in order that we can understand what it takes to break our products, so that you can’t.  Auxitrol Weston thermocouples have accumulated billions of flying hours in Aerospace, Marine and Industrial applications.

With Seebeck effect technology our thermocouples are primarily k-type but other types  with pedigree are available. Manufactured to exacting standards, our thermocouples incorporate Auxitrol Weston’s exclusive material selection and resistance control, which have been shown to consistently deliver unrivalled accuracy alongside exceptional operational life expectancy.  These sensors have the tightest long term stability tolerances over an extended period of any similar product currently available on the market.

Thermocouple applications as single sensors or integrated to a harness include nacelle inlet air, compressor, turbine exhaust gas, turbine inlet, front & rear overheat detection, bypass air and brake temperature.

The reliability of temperature probes in gas turbines is dependent on their capability to withstand the harsh environment they experience. Working with the University of Cambridge and a major engine OEM, Auxitrol Weston has obtained a deeper understanding of the degradation mechanisms of typical current and future high temperature sensor materials exposed to such severe conditions and developed an advanced lifing methodology in order to predict the life of thermocouple probes.  This technology is now used in our TGT developments as a further means of assuring lifetime reliability.


  • Operating temperature capability -65°C to +1100°C continuous and +1200°C transient and pedigree down to -260°C
  • Accuracy ±0.4% or better
  • Response time 2s or better
  • High temperature terminal head capability to +550°C
  • Vibration capability to 40g+ across the standard bandwidth



  • Excellent long term stability with low drift
  • MTBF typically in excess of 1 million hours
  • Compact sizes and minimized weight
  • Enhanced understanding of in service thermocouple life
  • EGT/TGT life and Robustness

T3 & T30 (Compressor Exit) Thermocouples


TGT Thermocouples


Thermocouple TGT (Turbine Gas Temperature) Arrays


TVent & T Oil Thermocouples


TZone 1, 2 & 3 (External Engine Temperature) Thermocouples & RTDs


IAE V2500 EGT Thermocouple


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