Intrusive Speed Sensors

Intrusive Speed Sensors

Auxitrol Weston has led the Speed and Torque Sensors market for more than forty years; with more of our products on more of the world’s leading gas turbines and gearboxes than any of our competitors. Despite operating environments becoming more extreme and product lifecycle demands being stretched, we consistently achieve extraordinarily high reliability figures. Due to our pedigree Auxitrol Weston is asked to find alternative solutions to failed competitor components, further underpinning our expertise in the field of Speed.
Our research and testing rigor underpins our authority in all matters relating to sensors. It’s what keeps us ahead, being emphatic about the quality of our work, its progressiveness and the contribution it will make towards upholding our Customers’ reputations, as well as our own, now and in the future.

Our variable reluctance technology sensors are internally designed and manufactured with sensing coil(s) that are packaged to protect them from the harsh environments. The transformer technology sensors enable unique packaging designs with either single or multiple outputs. All units are tested during development in one of our two custom built test cells which simulate the dynamic working conditions with operating at temperature capability .

A wide range of product types and sizes are available, with variations and bespoke solutions in constant development for many aircraft applications including engine, gearbox and APU. Particularly suited to limited spaces and high temperature operation, these sensors are supplied worldwide including to the largest OEMs.


  • Operating temperatures from -60°C to +500°C at the tip; and +820°C body temperature
  • Vibration capability >200g
  • Turbine / rotor speeds up to 60,000rpm


  • High multiple channel voltage output
  • Industry leading robustness
  • Larger airgap settings
  • Large variety of packaging options
Intrusive Speed Sensors

Speed Sensors Systems


Metal bodied Speed sensors (Engine mounted)


Metal bodied Speed sensors (Gearbox mounted)


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