Defense Aerospace

Defense Aerospace Applications

Auxitrol Weston provides sensors with outstanding performance and specific features for most demanding trainers, fighters or military transport aircraft. We cover applications for engines, propeller gearboxes, air data systems, fuel systems, landing gears, braking systems, flight control actuators, hydraulic power generation, air management systems.
Major platforms include: Lockheed Martin F35 / F22, Dassault Rafale, Eurofighter Typhoon, Northrop Grumman B1 / B2, Leonardo M346, Airbus A400M, Lockheed C5 / C130, Boeing C17, KAI T50…

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Defence Aerospace
Fuel System Hydraulics Other Systems Engines Air Data System

Fuel System

Fuel tank density
Fuel temperature


Hydraulic and braking systems pressure
Hydraulic oil temperature
Hydraulic service panel

Other Systems


Engine inlet temperature
Engine compressor temperature
Engine compressor pressure
Engine Control Pressure Sensors
Engine Inlet and Compressor Temperature Sensors
Engine Oil Temperature Sensors
Engine speed
FADEC pressure
Lube oil level
Lube oil pressure
Lube oil temperature
Oil & fuel filter monitoring
Vibration monitoring
Shaft breakage detection

Air Data System

Air data computer pressure
Air data test sets pressure
Total Air Temperature