Non-heated De-iced Total Air Temperature Sensors

Non-heated De-iced total Air Temperature Sensors

Every 2 seconds one of Auxitrol Weston’s non heated de-iced total air temperature sensors takes off. Reliability of our parts has been proven on the world’s best selling engines for inlet temperature measurement since the early 90’s

Non heated de-iced sensors provide very good performance in ice crystal and low ice accretion conditions. They are a competitive alternative to heated sensors. Their installation is also simpler as no power supply is needed. Our sensors are developed and tested in our in-house state-of-the-art icing wind tunnel that meets the latest icing conditions, coupled with the aid of numeric analysis tools.

Each de-iced temperature sensor needs close cooperation with the customer to adapt it to the application and ensure that de-icing is maximised and well understood. These sensors can be made available in a selection of different shapes to adapt to their location or to the size to the engine, in single or dual channel version.


  • Typically platinum resistance device
  • Temperature range : -85°C to +300°C
  • Altitude: -1000ft to +50 000ft MSL


  • Passive de-icing no pneumatic or electrical heater
  • Customized platinum resistor
  • Excellent performance in ice crystal conditions
Non-heated De-iced Total Air Temperature Sensors

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Non-heated De-iced Total Air Temperature Sensors

Total Air Temperature Sensors (TAT) Accuracy at Altitude


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