Auxitrol Weston is no ordinary Engineering company

We are a company fascinated by and committed to technological and Engineering advancement, providing leading edge Sensor solutions.

It takes special people, passionate expert people, across a wide spectrum of disciplines, to fulfil our Customers’ dreams. People, with extraordinary talents and skills, who work individually and collectively in imagining the unimagined; in exploring the unexplored; in testing their hypotheses beyond conscious boundaries to explain the unexplained. And, who constantly review and refresh existing technologies, to produce products whose consistent quality and reliability are unarguable.

This is achieved by maintaining a dedicated Research & Development function, closely aligned to product development, and verification resources second to none, where our policy of Design Assurance including Margin and Life Testing, subjects all our prototypes and sensors to unprecedented extremes, in order that we can understand what it takes to break our products, so that you can’t!

During the embryonic stages of product design and ahead of prototyping, our experienced Stress Engineers undertake a series of risk minimising exercises which identify potential product stress or loading. Recurring topics such as structural integrity, temperature, pressure and flight manoeuvre loading are among some of our routine analyses undertaken by our in-house simulation unit. Working to NAFEMS standards and using sophisticated hardware and software tools, these areas of risk are subjected to intense scrutiny throughout the design cycle and where weaknesses are detected, the underlying geometry can be altered very quickly or parts analysed or tested again and again, as required. This colourful and reassuring process of continual correlation between test and analysis reflects our intensity and unparalleled responsiveness, resulting in products our Customers know they can trust, while delivering added value economies of time and cost.