High Temperature Vibration Sensors

High Temperature Vibration Sensors

Auxitrol Weston has been involved with the development and supply of aerospace standard vibration sensors for the world’s leading engine OEMs for over 15 years. As a tier 1 supplier Auxitrol Weston has contributed to the verification and validation of bespoke vibration sensor designs to meet the customer specifications.

Adding to our formidable portfolio of class leading sensors for extreme operating environments, Auxitrol Weston has now developed its first in a range of technologically competitive vibration measurement sensors. Combining our considerable aerospace sensor design expertise and serial manufacturing pedigree to create piezoelectric accelerometers that are commercially competitive, reliable and expertly engineered for aerospace.

As experts in the manufacture of high temperature sensors for the aerospace market Auxitrol Weston has built on this knowledge and is now able to offer vibration transducers specially designed to meet stringent customer requirements at high operating temperature.  The basis of the high temperature design uses a ceramic piezoelectric material operating in a compression mode.  The piezoelectric material at the core of the design has a very stable output over time at temperature – tested for more than 1500hrs at high temperature with minimal drift.  Integral MI cable allows for the interconnection to be located in a lower temperature (circa 250°C) region of the engine.  The design is fully hermetic to prevent ingress of contaminants and to ensure the electrical performance is maintained.


  • Operating temperature capability from -54°C to +500°C
  • Typical output 20pC/g ±3%
  • Typical resonant frequency circa 22 kHz
  • Transverse sensitivity <5%
  • Excellent long term stability with low drift
  • Output configuration – Floating Differential


  • Highly competitive overall accuracy
  • Low Cost
  • Simple, effective and highly reliable design
  • Robust and fully hermetic
  • Reduced base-strain effects
  • Low thermal noise
  • Modular design allowing easy configuration to customer’s specific installation requirements
  • Responsibly sourced commercially available materials

Vibration Sensors


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