Commercial Aerospace

Commercial Aerospace Applications

Auxitrol Weston is present on almost all major aircraft developed over the last 4 decades through work with the aircraft manufacturers, engine manufacturers and system integrators. Our products can be found in engine controls, APUs, air data systems, fuel systems, landing gears, braking systems, flight control actuators, hydraulic power generation, air management system.
Major platforms include : Airbus A320/ A220 / A330 / A340 / A350 / A380, Boeing 737 / 747 / 757 / 767 / 777/ 787, Bombardier CRJ family and Q400, Embraer ERJ family, Sukhoï Surperjet, ATR42/72…

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Commerical Aerospace Market
Air Data Systems Air Management System Engine Fuel Hydraulics Other Systems

Air Data Systems

Air data computer pressure
Air data test sets pressure
Total Air Temperature
Static pressure

Air Management System

Air cycle machine speed
Air mass flow
Avionics cooling system
Air cycle machine pressure
Cabin air pressure


Engine inlet temperature
Engine compressor temperature
Engine compressor pressure
Exhaust gas temperature
Engine speed
FADEC pressure
Lube oil level
Lube oil pressure
Lube oil temperature
Vibration monitoring
Oil & fuel filter monitoring
Engine bleed and air management system pressure


Fuel tank density
Fuel temperature
Fuel inlet pressure


Brake temperature monitoring
Flight control actuators
Hydraulic and braking systems pressure
Hydraulic oil temperature
Hydraulic service panel

Other Systems

Anti ice system temperature
Anti ice system pressure
APU temperature
APU pressure
Electric generator Integrated drive temperature