Team Leader Machine Shop & Tooling

Team Leader Machine Shop & Tooling

Job Overview/Purpose:

The role of the Manufacturing Team Leader is to be responsible for all aspects of Manufacturing Engineering related to the Machine Shop and the operation of the Tooling process. The Manufacturing Team Leader should ensure that all safety, quality, cost and delivery targets, for the Machine Shop and the tooling process, are achieved in line with the targets set by the Manufacturing Engineering Manager.

The Manufacturing Team Leader will be responsible for all elements of the tooling process from conception, through design, into manufacture and delivery to end “customer”, which incorporates both Tool Manufacturing and Tool Design.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Control of all Manufacturing Engineering aspects of the Machine Shop. Ensuring the correct tooling and methods are used to produce components at the correct quality and optimum cost.
  • Management of the tooling process, including design, manufacture and procurement.
  • Manage people and processes to ensure the production cells and NPI (New Product Introduction) projects are provisioned with the tools to enable manufacture
  • Ensure maintenance of tooling business systems e.g. databases. Etc.
  • Continually work to improve the Machine Shop working and the tooling process
  • Manage the “tooling supply chain”, with support from Purchasing.
  • Run a visual management system to ensure clear status reporting to all stakeholders
  • Monitor that all relevant safety procedures are being followed and ensure all equipment is working properly and is being operated properly.
  • Ensure all processes are correctly documented and regularly audited to ensure compliance



  • Strong machine shop background with working knowledge of CNC machines
  • Working knowledge of CAD/CAM
  • Competent Solidworks user
  • Able to use and manage a PDM system for configuration control of tooling
  • Good understanding of engineering materials and how to process them
  • Experience working with external sub-contractors and off-shore agencies


  • Knowledge of MAZAK Mazatrol SMOOTH technology
  • Tool making experience
  • Experience of precision grinding


  • Drives for results and accountability – Sets high but achievable standards for self and others. Seeks opportunities to improve processes and outcomes. Constantly reviews performance to identify areas to develop. Aware of customer needs. Professional approach to customers. Is reliable and delivers on promises.
  • Team Work and communication – Encourages co-operation. Aware of the needs of others and responds flexibly. Shares information and supports other team members. Help to develop others. Prioritises team goals over individual goals. Energetic and collaborative.
  • Initiative, independence, flexibility and adaptability – Able to work things out without having to be shown. Takes responsibility for own time and effectiveness. Able to spot and implement opportunities for improving situations. Learns new things on own initiative. Responds positively to change and adapts quickly. Takes on a diverse range of tasks equally and effectively. Learns new tasks rapidly. Responds quickly and appropriately. Deals with changing priorities.
  • Self-confidence and resilience – Rises to a challenge with good humour. Stays calm in a crisis. Handles competing demands. Recovers from setbacks. Welcomes and learns from criticism.
  • Judgement, decision and problem solving – Uses data to drive decisions. Seeks alternative viewpoints, rejects confirmation bias. Recognises priorities. Evaluates risks. Reaches logical conclusions and executes a plan of action. Ability to scope problems. Demonstrate structured problem solving. Be creative in finding solutions.  Ability to evaluate and optimise solutions.  Resourceful in identifying and utilising information sources. Persists in seeking information and adopts a variety of strategies. Questions, checks and evaluates information and sources. Attention to detail.